Rihanna can officially join the circus now

Rihanna hosted an afterparty at Drai’s in Hollywood on Wednesday night after performing at her sold-out show earlier that evening.

To the event, she decided to show up wearing the perfect replica of a clown suit, and her red hair added some complimentary pizzaz.

It’s official, Rihanna can now join these two for the next Ringling Brothers Circus Show

Bonus: video footage of her and her boo Matt Kemp leaving the circus show, errrr, we meant event.


Rihanna in a trash bag leaving AGO Restaurant

Rihanna left AGO Restaurant with some friends in Los Angeles, California, on Monday in a dress that looked like a trash bag, her ugly red hair, & some nude pumps.

When’s the brown hair coming back?? We actually miss it.

& we know that talk-on-the-phone trick too, Rihanna

Rihanna arrives at LAX Airport

Rihanna arrived at LAX Airport during the weekend, in some leggings, a black/white shirts, some Michael Jackson-ish shoes, and her ugly red hair.

Somebody please tell her to go back to brown!

Rihanna and her new hideous red hair


Are you guys Digg’n it?! WE AREN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rihanna sits poolside in Tel Aviv

Rihanna sat poolside in her hotel in Tel Aviv, joking and splashing in the water with friends.

Interesting bathing suit… We know her bea Matt wishes he was there to see it!

Rihanna in Jerusalem

Rihanna decided to cover up her chichi’s and booty for a change as she and friends went sightseeing in Jerusalem over the weekend.

Well alrighty…

Rihanna’s pokerface in Rolling Stone magazine

Check out these two outtakes of Rihanna in the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Nice, or no nice?