Behind The Scenes with Rick Ross & Ne-Yo!

Stacey Dash also makes a cameo… interesting… baw$e!


Celebs hit up the Death At A Funeral movie premiere!

Zoe Saldana, Ciara, Ne-Yo, Columbus Short, Martin Lawrence, Cedric The Entertainer, Chris Rock, & Tracy Morgan all hit up the movie premiere for Death At A Funeral on Monday night at Pacific’s Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, California.

Looked like it was date night on the red carpet, as some of the fellas brought along their girlfriends and wives.

Fun times for all.

Who’s catching the movie this Friday?

Ne-Yo speaks on the Rihanna + Chris Brown incident…

After being a victim of coming from an abusive household, Ne-Yo recently released a song called “Heroes” in which he puts his two cents in about abusive relationships.

He also commented on the Rihanna & Chris Brown situation…

It’s unfortunate it took an incident like that between Chris Brown and Rihanna to occur for this issue to get awareness, ‘Heroes’ is not the traditional song about domestic violence. I wanted to take a different approach. I feel like in a respecting and loving relationship, you should be a hero to your husband, to your wife, to your boyfriend, to your girlfriend… The song is about giving respect to those heroes in your life.”

Ne-Yo does London in New York.


On Wednesday, Ne-Yo was seen making his way out of The London Hotel in New York City, in his usual outfit.

Very clean and spicy!


Ne-Yo covers Green magazine!



Does Ne-Yo ever had a bad dress day?!?!

Video Debut: Ne-Yo – “Part Of The List”!!!

One of our favorite songs from the album!

Michael Jackson makes his comeback with Ne-Yo, Will.I.Am, and Kanye West on the roster!

Yes yes ya’ll! The king of pop is BACK like a spine!!

Contact Music recently released a statement, saying that Michael Jackson is getting ready for his comeback this summer, and wants to work with Ne-YoWill.I.Am!

The King of Fresh, Kanye West, has already submitted a track for Michael‘s approval.

Here is what Contact Music had to say:

Jackson is heading back into the studio to record new songs ahead of his live dates – and he’s calling on the music heavyweights to make a killer tune for release this summer (09). Britain’s News of the World reports that the King of Pop is being helped by and R&B star Ne-Yo on his comeback efforts, and adds that Kanye West has submitted a track for Jackson’s approval.

We can’t wait!!!!!!!