Video Premiere: Ciara Feat. Ludacris – “Ride”


Ludacris covers Honey Magazine

That’s an akward choice for a cover picture…

Honey Mag editors, where the hell are you at?! His eyes look like he’s in a room full of onions!

Pics: From Dj Khaled’s new music video, “All I Do Is Win”

I can Already hear His Voice …lol DJ KHALEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!  VIICTORYYYYYY!!!!! shout to Derick g excellent photographer!

Ludacris & Terrell Owens can’t get enough booty-shaking.

Rapper Ludacris & and Football star Terrell Owens can’t wait to get some booty-shakes while in Miami.

The two hosted a Bikini Dance Contest at Fountainbleu in Miami on Wednesday.

The biggest whores booty-shakers walked away with prizes. For all we know, one of those prizes was probably a night back at the hotel with one of the two hosts…

We’re just saying.

Ludacris shows off his fighting skills in Atlanta

Ludacris gets a little violent at a nightclub in Atlanta, but don’t worry folks, it’s alllllllll work.

Shooting his latest music video, Luda brought out some cat fights.

From his previous work, we can already see this video concept is going to be CRAZY…

Ludacris Feat. The Game – Pussy Monsters

DOWNLOAD HERE: Ludacris Feat. The Game – Pussy Monsters.

Video Debut: Playaz Circle Feat. Ludacris – “Gettin’ Rich”.