Video Debut: Lil Wayne feat. Eminem – “Drop THe World”!


Nivea brings out Lil Wayne for her video “Love Hurts”

Whoa!!! Talk about akward…

Lil Wayne’s final video before he goes to jail

Lil Wayne bares all on the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine

Drake walks out on stage with Lil Wayne, using a cane!!

Lil Wayne brings out Young Jeezy at his Toronto concert, and he is very HAPPY.

Lil Wayne sported a shirt that read “HAPPY” in big white bold letters, at his Toronto concert from his America’s Most Wanted tour.

He also surprised the crowd when Young Jeezy came out.

It seems that Lil Wayne is trying to fill up as many shows with surprise guests as he can, after the whole Drake accident.

Chris Brown surprises fans at Lil Wayne’s “America’s Most Wanted” Tour!!

After news broke out that Drake had to undergo surgery, Lil Wayne called in for some back up. And who else but Michael Jackson Jr. himself, Chris Brown.

Brown, 20, surprised fans in his hometown of Virginia, as he came out and performed with Lil Wayne on stage. He took over for Drake‘s vocals.

Little did the crowd know that they were in for a Michael Jackson surprise.. Check out as he recreates Michael‘s hit, “Billy Jean”!! Which we’ve also heard that it’s one of Chris‘ favorites to perform!