Lady Gaga covers Vanity Fair Magazine

One of the more relaxed, non-crazy covers… we like!


Who’s That Girl??

Who else but Lady Gaga!

The pop sensation was mobbed by fans while exiting a gym in TriBeCa, & as soon as she reached her car, she jumped in and got into a fetal position into all signs of paparazzi were gone!


Lady Gaga gets masked.

Lady Gaga was mobbed by fans after celebrating the Almay Rainforest Fund’s 21st Birthday Celebration on Thursday in New York City.

She blended in with the horses around Central Park, as she donned her own face mask, bedazzled in jewels of course.

With her handy dandy blue permanent marker, she managed to signed some autographs…. and pet a boy’s head.

Lady Gaga is arrives in Japan!

Lady Gaga arrived in her usual crazyness at the Narito International Airport in Japan on Tuesday.

We actually digg this look. Hmm, maybe we’re finally catching up with the Gaga-outfit fever.

Is that a fake Hermes bag?! We’re just saying… all that Japanese writing on it looks fishy!!

Looks like she also got a new tattoo too…

Lady Gaga covers Hungary’s Cosmopolitan Magazine!

Let the Gaga nation continue…

Lady Gaga’s outfit choice simmers down a bit… FINALLY

Lady Gaga found it in her heart to wear, for once in her gagalicious life, something that doesn’t scream OUTRAGEOUS!

She arrived at the Rod Laver Arena on Wednesday in Australia for a show, wearing cheetah-print leggings, black patent boots, a spiked-out vasity jacket, and a hairstyle that made her resemble Gwen Stefani.

Wait, we take everything back, with the size of those spikes on her jacket, people need to stand at least 5 feet away when talking to her…

Lady Gaga is a Coke head

Lady Gaga arrived at Sydney Airport in Australia, in all her Coca-Cola glory.

Black lace-up boots, see-through high-shoulder shirt ontop of black undergarments, and two cans of Coca-Cola in her head working as rollers, there’s no doubt she made a statement down under.

& let’s not forget the most important accessories to a gals outfit: her 2 massive bodyguards!