Nickelodeon’s 2010 Kid’s Choice Awards!

It was a family affair in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

Everybody and their family’s came out to the 2010 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards hosted by Kevin James.

Among some in the crowd were Rev Run and the Simmons family, Snoop Dogg and his puppies, the Jonas Brothers with their favorite gals, Rosario Dawson, Taylor Lautner, Will Smith and the rest of the clan, Jackie Chan, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, the Sprouse twins, Justin Bieber, Chris Rock and his family, Swizz Beatz and his 2 sons, Tyra Banks, and many many more!

Check out the tons of pics!

Fun night for everybody. Everybody looked great!

Why are you hiding, Angela Simmons??

Angela Simmons was spotted leaving Wonderland nightclub in Hollywood earlier in the week….. but not alone.

Just seconds after she left, rumored lover, Robert Kardashian, was seen exiting the place as well.

They hopped in the same car together, Rob behind the wheel, and Angela hiding behind her jacket.

This is Hollywood Ang, one shot is all they need, the hiding behind the jacket is pretty pointless.

The Simmons, the Knowles, & The Palmer do Charlotte Ronson

Fashion Week at its best…

Angela Simmons with little brother Diggy Simmons, Solange Knowles, & Keke Palmer all were sitting front row at the Charlotte Ronson Fall 2010 Collection show during New York City Fashion Week on Friday night.

Loooooooove that dress on Ang, Diggy looks sooo dapper, Solange… ummm, very eccentric?, and Keke Palmer looks great!

Vanessa and Angela Simmons celebrate Pastry

Daddy’s Little Girls, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, hosted the Pastry “Turnover” launch event at Sportie L.A on Thursday.

Vanessa went with the more sporty look, wearing Pastry footwear, while Angela opted for Alexander McQueen booties for a more sophisticated look.


Angela Simmons has a lonely lunch at Joan’s in L.A

angela simmons 050809

Vanessa & Angela Simmons are Dodgers dolls pitchers.

Rev Run‘s little girls, Vanessa & Angela Simmons, had a little fun as they pitched the first ball for the Los Angeles Dodgers game this weekend.

We would guess that they did a better job than Kim Kardashian did last Wednesday.

Angela Simmons gets a Sunset Plaza tan.



Rev Run‘s little girl, Angela Simmons, was seen leaving a tanning salon in Sunset Plaza on Monday afternoon in Los Angeles, California.

Now really, does she need a tan?!?! Her complexion is flawless as it is!