Would YOU pay $3,000 for these shoes????

These new Alexander McQueen Crystal Heel sandals from his Summer 2009 Shoe collection are worth $2,975.

The clear ones are $1,320.

Anybody willing to skip their college tuition and a couple of meals to buy these??


Lady Gaga looks for a man with a really BIG…

Yea, you guessed it. A big PACKAGE.

After seeing this outrageous video, we have lost our complete respect for Lady Gaga.

Not only was she being a complete bitch to the interviewer, Alison Stephenson, but her over-exposure of her sexuality is just disgusting and not classy at ALL.

When asked what she looked for in a man.. she responded with:

“A big d*ck,” GaGa shoots back.




“That’s it.”

WOW. So much for her statement of not having luck with men. One-night stands count as men, Lady Gaga.

Yes, even Megan Fox goes under inspection at the airport.


Megan Fox goes through some regular baggage check-up, as she takes a departing flight from LAX Airport on Thursday.

And Megan must reaaaallly love that damn hat, because she was seen wearing it on two different occasions in our site. *sigh*. Well we love it too!




OK! Magazine’s pictures of Kimora Lee Simmons’ baby shower!

OK! Magazine recently released some pictures of Kimora Lee Simmons’ baby shower of her expected baby boy, held in L.A.

AWWWW @ the fact that Djimon, Aoki, and Ming Lee, along with Kimora, are all color-coordinated! So cute!

Looked like ootles of fun.

Amber Rose is cheetalicious.

Amer Rose flashes some pretty cool cheetah-print leggings, as she walks around town with her friend and her Godson recently in New York City.

What is this whole thing about her and Kanye have broken up????? Are we a little late on news???

And lol!!!! @ her friend’s crazzzyyy sequin leggings and Michael Jackson gloves. That just looks, ummmmmm, not pretty.

The Black Eyed Peas are Paris perfect!


The members of the Black Eyed Peas were spotted in Paris this week, promoting their new album, The E.N.D.

Fergie, you look stunning!

LOL @ Will.I.Am‘s pick of outfit!

And, Taboo…. Isn’t that Gucci jacket a little too small? We’re just saying.




Jennifer Hudson performs for THE PRESIDENT!!

The very pregnant andvery fabulous, Jennifer Hudson, had a proud moment as she performed for The President of the United States, Barack Obama, for a Hollywood Political Fundraiser, on Wednesday night at the Beverly Hilton.

It’s believed that over 250 A-listers attended the f-l-y event, including the $2 million that was raised!!!

Helllloooooooooooooooooo Coolest President EVER!!!!!!!!!!!