Chris Brown, she’s just not that into you homie….

So everybody knows about this whole “we’re not dating eachother” thing that Chris Brown and Rihanna have been putting up with for the last couple of months.

Well as pictures always show, Chris, 19, is the one that seems reallyyyyy interested in her, while Rihanna just makes it seem like it’s whatever.

The Bajan ‘singer’ recently got interviewed on just HOW MUCH she knows about her beau, and as we all guessed, out of all the questions asked, she got only about 5% right. Sad, sad, sad. I think his fans even know more about him than she does!!!!!!!!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Rihanna interview about Chris Brown.


Jennifer Lopez has a Macy’s Deseo..

Triple-threat Jennifer Lopez, launched her latest fragrance, “Deseo For Men”, yesterday in New York City at Macy’s.

And as always, the mother of two looked spectacular in an all-white number with beige shoes.

“Deseo For Men” is available all over the U.S now.

Chris Brown is BIG-HEADED…

It’s official: Chris Brown is definately a young entrepenuer. The 19-year-old international heartthrob superstar has recently launched his own line of underwear.

The line is called “Big-Headed”, ‘no pun intended‘, yea right.

If any of you guys want to get Big-Headed, head on over to the line’s website. And don’t worry, they have stuff for you ladies too.

Fabolous speaks about upcoming projects..

Chris Brown gets his game on at Rucker’s Park..

Chris Brown plays a little ball at Harlem’s Rucker’s Park recently.

We know them Harlem girls love them some Chris Breezy…

Alicia Keys has “Another Way To Die”..

Juelz Santana talks smack..