Freeway says Hip Hop Lives!!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Freeway – Hip Hop Lives.


Video Premiere: Bow Wow Feat. Swizz Beatz – “Big Bank Take Little Bank”

Rihanna is a Tropic Thunder..

Rihanna was spotted in Times Square on Tuesday night at the Regal Cinema theater in New York City, catching a screening for the upcoming comedy film “Tropic Thunder”.

She didn’t catch the movie with beau Chris Brown however, she decided to the the girls-night-out, oh and her security guard was there to help too.

Kim Kardashian is feeling herself too..

Except in her case, its literally..

As half of the world feens for Kim Kardashian & only dream of touching her hand, she feels on her own breasts while trying on some dresses on a shopping day out.

Nice technique on seeing if it fits lol..

Kelis has a very UNIQUE taste..

Wait for it, Wait for it!.. The front is the showstopper, literally..

Kelis was spotted at LAX airport in California on Monday wearing a rather interesting choice of wardrobe.

Can’t be mad at her for being herself and not giving a f*ck though!

Brandy keeps it sexy in her SL 550!

Brandy, girl, WHERE YOU BEEN?

Brandy was seen hopping into her SL 550 on Monday afternoon in L.A.

All we wanna know is when she’s coming back out with something new! Looking good though, B…

Trey Songz talks love, hair, politics & more with Essence..

In a recent interview with Essence Magazine, R&B prince Trey Songz sat down and talked about things from love to Barack Obama.

ESSENCE.COM: Since you brought up politics, how do you feel Obama’s campaign is progressing?
Obama is great. I’m proud of him even though I don’t know him. It’s great to know that Black men can do things like this in this world right now. Even though he’s not 100 percent Black, we feel proud about the views that he has and the way he looks at things. There’s a lot of pressure on him. I hope he can handle it.

ESSENCE.COM: If music is all about love, sex and clubs, what sets you apart?
I’m not scared to take chances. I’m not going to do anything musically that would compromise me as a man. I’m rap, I’m R&B, I’m a record in Mexico, in Japan. [I have] the ability to diversify myself and change my style. When I rap, it’s gangster and it’s authentic. When I make a love song, that’s authentic, too. I never fake on the record—I’m always giving you me.

ESSENCE.COM: Songs like “Hatin Love,” “Last Time” and “Missin You” show that you definitely know a thing or two about love and relationships. What is the recipe for a great love song?
A good love song makes a woman feel good. It makes a woman sing it and a man want to sing it back to her.

ESSENCE.COM: So is there a woman in your life that makes you want to sing?
Yes, there is someone in my life. She is very special to me. We were friends for a long time before we [crossed] any boundary. She is very understanding.

Hmm.. Who knew Trey had a girl?!

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